Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sales Extended in Honor of New Release!

Hey Folks!

    We're T-6 days away from the release of The Glacier of Gods and Monsters. I've had a number of folks tell me they really want book one, but haven't had a chance to pick it up just yet. Now's your chance to do so. For a limited time I've put the digital version of Waking Up Dead on sale at 60% off it's normal price EVERYWHERE. Smashwords, Apple, Barnes&Nobles, Amazon, Google Play, and more all have the listed price now shifted to $1.99. No coupon codes needed, just jump in and buy the book that has received awesome reviews on all sites.

Go buy a copy now! You've run out of excuses! Gift copies for your friends! And remember, Friday's the release of The Glacier of Gods and Monsters! The digital copy is available now for pre-sale at the paltry price of $4.99! That's less than the price of your average fast food meal!

 And unlike fast food, you can enjoy this over and over (and it's calorie free!).

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