Sunday, November 9, 2014

Opening weekend has been quite good for book two. Thank you very much to everyone who's supported me in any way with this project. There are many many more stories in my head, and I'll continue to work on getting them out and into your hands as quickly as time allows.

I plan to leave Waking Up Dead on sale for a little while longer, so if you haven't taken advantage of it and picked up your e-copy yet, now's certainly the time to do so.  You can click on the "Check Out My Stories" inks to the right to get to any a landing page where you can purchase it from pretty much any of your favorite locations. I'm also working on getting some hard copies for sale here in Austin. Look for more on that soon!

Also, if you've read the books and have any opinion on them at all, please leave a review at your favorite online retailer so that others might get an idea of what to expect!

I've got some basic points plotted with book three already, so I'll be starting to actually put it down on paper soon. I've got a very good idea of where it needs to go, but it's always an adventure seeing how it gets there. For anyone who's never written before, stories have a mind of their own sometimes, and it's often surprising to see where they take you.

Keep reading, and I'll keep writing! Thanks Folks!


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