Sunday, March 16, 2014

What are folks saying so far?

So, out of the seventy-plus books out there, these are the reviews I've tracked down. If you spot one in the wild that I've missed, please let me know! For those who haven't read it yet and were curious about what others thought, here's what has been said so far:

"Waking Up Dead is a very unique take on the afterlife. The main character, Thomas, finds himself in this afterlife after a car accident. While coming to grips with his own death, and the impact that it has on the fiancee he left behind, Thomas is offered a "job" in the afterlife. He soon discovers that there are worse things than death.
This book is fun and entertaining with colorful characters and vivid imagery. I highly recommend it!" 

"couldn't put it down.....and when I finished reading it....I wanted more....anxious to see what vol 2 will hold... It is well written and thought provoking."

"The reason I gave this book four stars is because it is much like the great western adventures of the Louis L'amour quality but it has so many very imaginative and interesting ideas that it is almost a genre of its own. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to explore new ideas or read a great adventure tale. Some of the editing wasn't so great but affected the read very little."

 "Fast paced with lots of action. Very intriguing storyline, unlike any I've read in the past. I can't wait to read the next installment to the series!" 

"I started this book not knowing that it was going to give me laughter, love, excitement and adventure. It is such a refreshing change to read about the "after life" from a totally different perspective. Seeing the After world thru Thomas's eyes has been a very interesting journey, feeling the loss of his fiance, the moment when he found out he still has to is very entertaining and certainly kept my interest ; I am eagerly awaiting Volume 2 to carry on his adventures and see how he gets his self out of this spot he is in. I highly recommend it! Read it before you judge it!!"

"What if those difficult moral decisions that most of us try try to avoid don't go away just because we die? In this novel by first time author, Zabe Truesdell, the decision becomes mandatory. You finally have to decide, or eternity is going to be more difficult than life ever had a chance to be. So what will it be? Just worry about yourself or finally grab a chance to help? Because in this idea of the afterlife, the dead need as much help from each other as they did in life."

So there you go! Like I said, if I missed any reviews, please let me know! Positive or negative, I like seeing feedback from folks who have read it!

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